Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chill Factor

Chill Factor

Chill Factor by bree5652 featuring black skinny jeans

Hi Y'all,                                                                                                                          
I've been unusually happy these days, not from any external factor but from within.  I am working on keeping this up and really learn what makes me happy. But anyway, I have two new looks for this chilly weather we have been having. I might add that we down here in the south are not used to this, nor do we like it you northerners can keep it! My first look is a chunky cable sweater paired with coated skinnies! I am in love with this sweater, so cozy! I paired this with adorable booties and a scarf in the same tones of the sweater this is a great look for a movie date! The next look features two season faves! It pairs a plaid blouse with an emerald fur vest. The muted colors in the blouse tone down the vest a bit. The two are paired with a light wash denim and brown lace-up booties! I'm pretty obsessed with these looks, let me what you guys think! Don't forget to check me out on Keaton Row!

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