Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Party

Holiday Party

Hi Y'all

In the spirit of the holiday season, I wanted to give you guys two holiday party looks. I love getting all dressed up for Christmas or New Year's parties! The jewel tones and sparkles are fabulous and fun! I wanted to make two looks, one for the edgier woman, and one for the classy woman. Pairing a leather jacket with a soft material like velvet gives the outfit both texture and edge! Topping off the sparkles and feathers of the strapless party dress with a structured blazer tones down the dress! Let me know what you guys think!
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Styles by B.

Hey Y'all 
I hope all of you guys are enjoying your holiday season! Take this time to enjoy your family and friends! This is my absolute favorite time of year! Well, I have some exciting news I was recently approved to be a stylist for Keaton Row! This site is the first of it's kind, and if I do say so its kind of genius! Busy women can join the site as clients, and find a stylist compatible with their sense of style. The stylist have profiles that house their lookbooks so you can get an idea of their style and styling ability. This site gives aspiring stylist a chance to work for themselves and do what they love! I am really excited to be apart of this and can't wait to start working with clients! Check out the site and if you would like to be styled by me just click the button on my profile found at:


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Be you beautifully

Hi y'all, 
Hope everyone has had an amazing Thanksgiving! I'm sure you all looked fabulous! I just wanted to stop and share a bit of motivation with you guys! Recently I was having a convo with a friend about how we use to be so concerned with people's opinion. Along the way I have learned to stop caring so much about the opinion's of strangers, not that I do not have to remind myself sometimes. Happiness comes only from within and you will never find true happiness by being untrue to yourself. If you are moved by something whether it be small like a certain garment or big like an idea or person do what makes you happy. Do not make decisions on what others think, rather decide what YOU think. Once we learn this we will find true happiness and happy people are the prettiest anyway :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hot in the Winter


Hi y'all! I'm back with a new love ( I fall in love often lol)! Right now I love anything Leather!! I have two looks with black leather, but there are many other tones that I have seen which are great! I am dying for a piece in cognac leather! For these looks I mixed the leather with other fabrics to keep it interesting! The first one I wanted to soften the look with soft, flowy blouse. This takes a bit of the edge off and is super chic! For my second look I kept with the edgy feel of leather. I added plaid because it is also having a moment and I love it for layering over tees. Let me know how you guys are wearing your leather. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jump into fall

Intro to fall

Hey y'all
I'm back with some looks for fall. This is my favorite season for 
fashion. I love layers and warm tones. Something about adding a cardigan that just polishes your look. Unfortunately here in the south the weather won't permit us to put away our shorts just yet but that  doesn't mean we can't dress to the season. When wearing shorts you can add a boyfriend blazer to your look to keep it "fall" just make sure to add a cute flat or low boot! If you are still loving your summer dresses adding a fun cardigan can polish off your fall transition outfit! I would love to hear about your fall looks! Till next time!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You Beautiful Girl You!!

I ran across this quote and fell in love. As a young girl I was full of insecurities, I constantly compared myself to others. Whether it was hair, looks, skin or clothing I always found someone to envy. I think every girl goes through this at sometime, some worse than others. I have slowly learned to start loving myself, I'm not completely there yet but I have definitely made progress! As cliche as it is everyone is beautiful. Some people have beautiful eyes, while others are blessed with great hair. Whatever it is that makes you beautiful..embrace it, love it own it! For just a month find one thing that you love about yourself, the following month find another and see if you just don't start staring a little while longer in that mirror! It has been said before we can love others we must love ourselves and I for one believe that! Plus the prettiest girls are always the ones who believe they are!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Keep an eye out!!

Hi y'all,
I have a bunch of changes, well updates that I have been wanting to do to this site! I'm very excited and want to share more of myself and ideas and hope that you guys share with me as well! So guys keep an eye out for the updates and feel free to drop me a line!! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

In the Midi of it all!!

In the Midi of it all!!

In the Midi of it all!! by bree5652 featuring stud earrings
Hey y'all! Back again to style the latest trend, gone are the days of bare thighs and wardrobe slips while trying to exit a vehicle (you know what I mean). I am in love with the midi skirts and dresses! I styled both a day and night time look! these skirts can be paired with a denim jacket or cute vest and a tee for a pulled together day look. If it's a night look your looking for grab your fitted top and a hot pair of heels and you are ready looking classy and chic!