Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You Beautiful Girl You!!

I ran across this quote and fell in love. As a young girl I was full of insecurities, I constantly compared myself to others. Whether it was hair, looks, skin or clothing I always found someone to envy. I think every girl goes through this at sometime, some worse than others. I have slowly learned to start loving myself, I'm not completely there yet but I have definitely made progress! As cliche as it is everyone is beautiful. Some people have beautiful eyes, while others are blessed with great hair. Whatever it is that makes you beautiful..embrace it, love it own it! For just a month find one thing that you love about yourself, the following month find another and see if you just don't start staring a little while longer in that mirror! It has been said before we can love others we must love ourselves and I for one believe that! Plus the prettiest girls are always the ones who believe they are!

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